My research has attracted media interest from around the world. Here are a few examples.

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Sound Symbolism in First Names:metro-2

Parents influenced by evolutionary tendency when naming childrenThe Independent
5 June 2013

Parents’ choice of name for their child influenced by evolutionMail Online
6 June 2013

Evolutionary Tendency Associated with Children’s NamesFrench Tribune
6 June 2013

Multimodal communication in marine mammals:

Mystery mother and child reunions … but their lips are sealed
6 August 2010

Memorable MomSCIENCE Random Samples science-edit
21 May 2010

Memory of mum’s voice remains strong for young sea
27 May 2007

Call of the wildThe Sun-Herald and
26 May 2007

Interspecific alarm communication in birds:

Multilingual birds learn foreign alarm callsNew Scientist
12 November 2008

Birds of a different feather flee together
12 November 2008

Wild birds learn foreign ‘languages’MSNBC
12 November 2008

Me: metro-edit

Cotutelle explores sea lion communicationThe Macquarie Globe
29 January 2009